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1、only that deep helpless.

2、Your own taste, let my heart closely rely on.

3、Those who loved, heart, and how it slowly fade.

4、There is always something,and you will see some people.

5、I always remember my pain,but I can not remember loved.

6、Itself is a lonely, but also make you feel lonely antidote.

7、You again how boethius observed all still could not return to the origin

8、Sleep less than breathing is not hit the heartbeat

9、From no words not talked about speechless, only need a silent instant just.

10、Love is like sentence spell always let people willingly addictions

11、For all the things you do, and is not worth, who also don’t understand.

12、Time of gear has been turned, we have been repeating some damage.

13、Give up is completely lost, persistence will have at least a glimmer of hope.

14、I like your life across the meteor, fleeting.

15、Because loved a crazy, so see you still smiling silence.

16、I absolutely don’t say I love you, this is between us the tacit understanding.

17、Reluctant to lose residual temperature, forgetting the scar is still in pain

18、Love,then heard anyhow Valentine scattered forget it.

19、Long absence, my old love, who is going to help me teasing your new love.

20、Young love has always been headstrong,but not the flowers only once love.

21、Now the wind to flowers do not open, only a lovesickness.

22、Perhaps the wind. Let acid, suddenly burst into tears.

23、Who gave me love placid who accompany me to see through the fleeting landscape.

24、The world’s lingering, the end is still no match for the forget the bitter oligonucleotide soup.

25、One day we must say goodbye.

26、Who said to me,all the thousands of pet me.

27、A person thinks unforgettable memories, maybe someone else already forgotten.

28、Who is willing to accompany me crazy, crazy all over the world are touched.

29、We ‘ve lasted a long time, but lost to the enduring as the universe.

30、Don’t want to swim and do not want to carry out an order.

31、So happy to get separated, also glad that they are very powerful.

32、I’ve got a whole summer memories.

33、I have no trouble, just a sense of security is too weak.

34、Sometimes think that you and I, too, are nothing more than red orbital.

35、The words I love you, lost in the unease.

36、I use memories under an end to end the iron between us the story.

37、Fireworks rain lane, whose kite is broken line, who really injured.

38、Sometimes love, he come so fast, and sometimes love will call a person hurt.

39、Are you turn a walk, do not see my sad. Am I too wayward, regardless of your feelings.

40、I really love you, perhaps in your eyes just talk, but my heart is full, but you.

41、Even if I bowed my head also cannot find reason lets you took me by the hand.

42、I want to repeat the gentle strengthened themselves again and forced persons

43、You are not me, you don’t know my loneliness, itas after.

44、Once this dial the disorderly my heartbeat, now how could I forget you.

45、The bravest thing in the world, is smiling to hear you say you and her love

46、Give not you want happiness, friend or lover and care.

47、I give you in my heart left a position, the position that passers-by.

48、Is not life if it is only as first, but life what not to meet

49、Read too many fairy tales, think love will be perfect to arrive.

50、Follow feeling, never had a feeling, cardiac at first glance, but not because of your face.

51、Each song has a story, I want to use my way to interpret every story

52、My young frivolous, is you give pain

53、Wandering in the edge of renunciation cannot, if not self-esteem from I won’t just go

54、I was the love, only interprets the supporting role of tragedy of that person

55、Maybe because I this reaps the bitter fruit, your humored always I know enough…

56、I give my future fill in color, afterwards just know, you are that color.

57、The deepest pain, how long it takes time, to heal recovery

58、Love, is the youth frenzy years round of apricot yellow months, fine but hazy

59、Or a person continue to lonely down, don’t need anyone Li frets.

60、Miss forever looking at you even if you never found me
  好想永远这样的看着你 即使你从来没有发现过我。

61、We alone is the best penalty we originally fault how difficult
  我们孤单是最好的惩罚 我们原来过错有多么难。

62、Quiet exists, the quiet, to let others feel my existence.

63、Because that desperate love, what I lost you never know.

64、Habit with you, with you in, so happy. Also fear of losing you.

65、Who will not understand this world. Take inventory.

66、If my life is a joke, you are in my life the only true.

67、Return to mou that past once, but it’s only a game.

68、Memories took my hand, I how fled are destined to be in vain.

69、In the sentimental days, I take time, messy floating.

70、How long, I can go to the end of the world.

71、Yesterday, today you let not again find you.

72、Your sunset, my face,who onethird years.

73、I collected about you all,but I do not know how much longer how long.

74、Feelings of time always forward,never weak retention eyes.

75、Perhaps silence proved not sure.

76、We are Hardships for the worst, but can not.

77、The story without tortuous how can teach people to grow.

78、Because you are the demons of my life,I volunteered to degenerate.

79、You love me like who.

80、Alpha Never one like you,let me think about beating the pain.

81、Despair doubled expect change twice.

82、Youth is like a war, a pungent warm.

83、Last time I married a swaying shadow.

84、I subvert the whole world just to straighten your reflection.
  我颠覆了整个世界 只为了摆正你的倒影。

85、Vulnerable to mention that I do not what kind of love.

86、The heart has to hold, so Yiriweinian.

87、Vulnerable to the attack,who are incurable.

88、The most beautiful is not the rainy day,but with you avoid the rain eaves.

89、I would like to say that the fact you good,you do not even know.

90、A dream nobody cares,a Suigetsu mirror flower wasted.

91、We are not wrong,is young ruined promises.

92、Unless the loess bones of me and keep you the centenary worryfree.